Album Review: El Sur – WE

El Sur – WE

el sur we

Coming at your ears with an Alternative/Indie/Garage style of music, El Sur deliver a promising debut album which is the first of many steps in the ascending staircase that is their career. Originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, El Sur deliver their vocals in solid English, but this is a minor detail; music is a universal language. If you’re wondering, ‘El Sur‘ directly translates from Spanish to English as ‘The Southern‘, and being from one of the southern-most countries in a continent known as South America, it’s fair to say they warrant their name; you don’t get much more ‘southern’ than that!

The album opens with ‘Untitled‘ a lively instrumental with a catchy, repetitive guitar riff that you’ll find yourself tapping, nodding or bobbing along to. The guitars are correlated with some addictive drum beats too, contributing to a successful and intriguing opener that sets an illustrious standard for the rest of the album.

Subsequently, we’re introduced to the gritty yet soft, undoctored vocals of El Sur on second track ‘Such A Shame‘ that portray a sense of realism and integrity behind the lyrics, thus the song being more believable and relatable. I believe that El Sur‘s almost-timid approach to Indie music will help them appeal to a wider audience in the future, and also leaves room for diversification further on down the line if they so choose to adapt their style like many bands do.

My personal favourite on ‘WE‘ is ‘All The Things You Did‘ which happens to be the song that first introduced me to El Sur as it was a pre-release from their debut album.

And we talk all night long,
About the things you did,
About the things you said

The album concludes with the aptly named ‘This Fire‘, one of the grittier songs on the album that features considerably larger amounts of distortion and intensity, very much mirroring it’s title. This ends the musical journey on a bright, ferocious and certainly unforgettable note.

Certainly a promising debut album from Argentine rockers El Sur. Who knows, maybe if they can continue to polish and improve their already awesome sound they could end up headlining national festivals Quilmes Rock and Creamfields BA, but I for one certainly hope to see them in England one day. Make sure that you check out the album at as it’s available at a ‘PAY YOUR PRICE’ offer (which, if you so choose, can be FREE with no details required).

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  1. Laurie.- says:

    Great review!! I like your blog, keep the good work.

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