Off The Record #2 – Summer Music

Summer; the season of sun, fun and hella good times. There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on a lovely day with your friends and loved ones, but amongst the noises of children playing, birds squawking and the monotonous tunes of ice-cream vans, there’s something missing, and that’s the music.

But what is that perfect summer song?

To tell you the truth, as with everything else in music, it’s all a matter of opinion. A more appropriate question would be:

What is my perfect summer song?

Personally, my song choice usually reflects upon my mood, therefore my summer preferences are usually split up into upbeat, happy songs or more sombre, poetic songs if I’m feeling slightly down. I like a lot of synth in my positive songs; it helps to set the out-of-this-world cheerful atmosphere. Personal favourites and examples of this being Röyksopp, Japandroids and Groove Armada.

Adversely, if I’m in a sombre mood than there’s nothing better than natural, minimalistic sounding music, a kind of calming tone that purely relies on displays of raw emotion through the acoustic guitar and vocals. My prime examples for this would be Lone Wolf and Half Moon Run.

But that’s just my opinion, of the many millions of other people out there who enjoy music, therefore please comment below your thoughts and opinions, and what music is your summer preference?

A few songs to check out:

Half Moon Run – Full Circle (

Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built (

Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings (

Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (

Hoodie Allen – Lucky Man (

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