Album Review: Daughter – If You Leave

Waking up like an animal

I’m all ready for healing

My mind’s lost with nightmares streaming

Waking up (kicking screaming)

*Daughter – Human*

Album Review: Daughter – If You Leave

Formed in 2010, three-piece folk rock band Daughter moulded and developed their enchanting, hazy sound in the ‘Big Smoke’ itself, London. If You Leave was released last month in March 2013 following three previous EPs which created a certain hype around them, certainly contributing to the success of the album as it reached #16 on the Top 100 chart, and #4 on the UK indie album chart. While this is impressive, as a fan of the band I was fairly disappointed at this result; however the truth is that Daughter’s ethereal, tranquil sound simply doesn’t appeal to the mass-market.

This album isn’t something that’s going to make you get up and dance, not by a long shot. It’s a much more sensitive piece that flaunts the delicacies and intricacies that music can offer to people. If You Leave is very much a ‘mood’ album, by which I mean you’ll have to be feeling certain emotions to truly understand and enjoy the pure emotion that Daughter produce here.

Vocalist Elena Tonra’s voice is as haunting as it is emotional and, although it can feel slightly droning at times, is consistently goose-bump provoking. The melodies created by guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella contribute sometimes minimally, for the beauty of Tonra’s voice to take centre stage, but regularly create a tense, gripping atmosphere that any listener can appreciate.

A unique album that offers a lot of emotion and is certainly worth a listen if you’re feeling down or tranquil.

I used to dream of
When I was younger
With lungs miniature
Good night with killing
Our brain cells
Is this called living
Or something else
Or something else

*Daughter – Amsterdam*

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