Film Review: Trance

Danny Boyle’s Latest Masterpiece


Coming off the back of hits Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, Trance was either going to continue to prove Danny Boyle to be one of the best modern directors in the industry, or point out the flaws of an over-worked man who struggled to meet the formidable expectations set by previous successes. Boyle has been a busy man as of late and there was always the potential that Trance could have been placed upon the backburner; not forgotten, but not given the attention that it deserved. Trance has shown a lot of promise, and boy did it deliver.

During the build-up to the Olympic Games, Danny Boyle allegedly only spent two days per week on the production of the Opening Ceremony. The rest of his time and effort evidently was placed upon his latest release. Despite meeting mixed reviews at early showings, Trance is most definitely my favourite film of the year so far, providing a great mix of entertainment, intrigue and deception. At times, the lines between reality and mind can be blurred, but by the end of the film you’re left with your questions answered and your mouths wide open in awe. Joe Ahearne’s superb story, doctored slightly by scriptwriter John Hodge lives up the billing, myself and many fans alike glad that Ahearne allowed Boyle to adapt his story into a feature film.

James McAvoy returns after the disappointing Welcome to the Punch to star alongside Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable, Sin City), the mysterious hypnotherapist, and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Ocean’s Thirteen), the spirited gang-leader. All three impress throughout, with convincing, deep performances that adds to the all-around greatness of Trance.

I thoroughly recommend that if you get the opportunity, see this film. While it may not be outstanding, it’s a great watch nonetheless. Oh and did I mention it’s a DANNY BOYLE film?

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